Choices make independence possible. Our strong need for personal independence and autonomy would be impossible without choices. Therefore, the act of choosing to consume certain foods and beverages is considered a measure of independence. Studies have shown that individuals are more likely to take decisions and choices more seriously when they perceive a personal end result. Therefore, if a person knew, without a doubt, that they were consuming over 31 teaspoons of sugar in just one afternoon (a lollipop, a Skittles snack and a Hawaiian Punch beverage – see April 28, 2010 blog post), and if they knew the impact this much sugar has on their weight and overall health, I believe most people would chose otherwise!

Eliminating sugar from a diet or, at the very least, reducing sugar intake can be done quietly and privately. There’s no reason to announce to anyone that you’re on a diet, or that you want to change the shape of your body, or that you want to lose weight. All you have to do to quietly take charge of your body’s health and reduce your sugar intake is read the food label, mentally multiply the number of sugar grams by 4, visualize the sugar amount, and then chose whether or not you want to consume the item. Every time you say “no” to candy, mints, soda, sugary juice, cookies, and sugary snacks you’re gaining independence, self-control, confidence and ultimately a healthy body.

Choices allow independence to occur, and knowledge creates the ability to make smart choices. This blog is your link to knowledge, independence and a healthy body. Chose wisely!

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