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Diane Lash Decker has a Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition and has written articles on health for over 20 years.  Her writing career began in 1985 when she wrote and self-published a health newsletter called Health Flight – The Health and Nutrition Newsletter for Frequent Travelers.  The newsletter began as a source of health information for flight attendants and pilots and grew to include business and leisure travelers.  The newsletter emphasized in-flight foods, water consumption guidelines, jet lag, sleep problems, edema, dry skin, and basic vitamin and mineral information.

After having children, she developed a sense of urgency towards educating children and parents on the subject of health and nutrition.  She currently writes articles on children’s health for the local newspaper.  She also provides a monthly health article for the Bon Secours Richmond Health Systems Child Care Newsletter.  Diane has written several articles for the Jill Magazine (Danbury News Times insert) on current women’s issues, e.g., osteoporosis and breast cancer.

Diane is also an experienced lecturer.  She lectured at the University of Southern California Institute of Safety and Systems Management Symposium on “Nutrition and The Stress of Flying” in 1987 and 1988.  She also developed a health presentation for pre-school children in 1992 while she was living in Richmond, Virginia.  This presentation included listening to individual heartbeats along with discussions of water requirements, basic food groups, healthy food choices, and age appropriate health habits.

After moving to Connecticut, she developed a “Health Week” curriculum for a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade School.  The students learned to read labels, choose healthy beverages and snacks, determine activity levels, and understand sugar metabolism.  This information was presented in age appropriate ways.

Diane recently developed and presented a lecture to the Westport, Connecticut YMCA’s “On the Move” program.  The lecture was part of a week long health series provided for adults and children.  Diane’s presentation covered sugar metabolism and sugar levels found in popular beverages and snacks.

Diane has also developed a children’s Be Healthy Lecture Series.  The following topics are included in this series:

  • Too Much Sugar – Beware!
  • Color Your Meal:  Color Means Good Health
  • Understanding Food and Drink Labels
  • An Active Kid is a Healthy Kid
  • Dangerous Ingredients in Popular Beverages
  • Journaling For The Teenager

Diane has been a Nutrition Consultant for a local health club where she provided counseling to adults on weight management, exercise routines, calorie guidelines, recipe alternatives, water consumption and weekly follow-ups.  This experience was valuable since it was a testament to her ability to communicate with individuals who were drawn to her compassion and understanding regarding their weight battles.

Diane has three children ages, three dogs and a one-eye cat.

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